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Some our our personal photo's from teh 2003 Fire Storm which swept through Kelowna

Fire Storm

In August of 2003, lightening struck, igniting a fire in Kelowna’s Okanagan Mountain Park. The fire grew to such proportions that 30 thousands residents were eventually forced to evacuate. We would like to share some of our personal photo's of this time.

Our story. The day after the fire burned through the city Mike & Renee were married as planned. A little hectic when 9 parties involved were evacuated including the reception hall!

Water bomber returning from a drop.

A water bomber draws water from Okanagan Lake, beach go'ers got a close up of these huge planes.

Clouds of smoke, as seen from our house.

The military assisted local police with evacuation procedures, as well as direct fire fighting efforts.

Where it all began, ...

That is what we remembered.


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