Aqua Hot Wash Ltd.
Residential,commercial or industrial pressure washing, Aqua Hot Wash does it right.

We have the experience working on many types of pressure washing whether it be at a Mine, a Farm, Commercial Malls, Fire Restoration or washing hundreds of trucks. When the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire hit the City of Kelowna in August of 2003 we found ourselves becoming the main cleaning contractor for the three major restoration companies in Kelowna. We cleaned the exteriors of hundreds of homes that were subjected to the ravages of the Fire Storm. We have proven to our loyal customers that we have the right equipment, manpower and experience to be flexible and handle just about anything you need cleaned.

Some people are fearful and skeptical about the word pressure washing and we fully understand that concern as we have seen many instances where inappropriate use of high pressure can cause damage to property. Our equipment is fully adjustable for both pressure and heat and our technicians are fully insured and knowledgeable in what is required to complete the work in the quickest and most efficient manor for the job at hand.



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