Commercial Services

At Aqua Hot Wash, we want your customer experience to be unparalleled. Part of creating a great experience is setting expectations! From start to finish we want you to feel like the valued customers you are.

Here is what you can expect from Aqua Hot Wash as we help you through the process. With experts to help you along the way, you can trust us with your property, and your return business.

Dealership Services

Keeping vehicles in dealership lots or the lots themselves presentable on a daily basis is a challenge, one our teams are ready to take on.  Aqua Hot Wash doesn’t stop at the lot or inventory however, as we can assist with your showrooms and shops as well.

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Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti is not only unsightly but can become a serious problem if not removed properly. Even protective coating can cause a graffiti incident to go from a nuisance to a very costly repair. Aqua Hot Wash has extensive experience with graffiti removal and can help you with your spray paint dilemma.

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Line Preparation Services

Preparing your surfaces for new lines and markings is one of the most important steps when you start your pavement painting process. Depending on your surface, asphalt or concrete, your paint may not adhere without professional preparation. Aqua Hot Wash Teams are trained and have extensive experience to ensure your painting projects’ success.

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Parkade & Underground Parking Services

Parkades, and Underground Parking structures come with their own set of challenges, ranging from low ceilings to grease, oil, rubber stains, and other buildup on concrete surfaces. Our teams use specialized equipment to ensure that our parking facility receives the best clean possible.

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Patio Washing Services

Clean Outdoor Seating areas, and Restaurant Patios are key to a successful customer service oriented business. Ensure your customers and patrons enjoy their stay and feel safe by providing an unblemished and clean experience.

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Property Management Services

Apartment and Condo Complexes, as well as Commercial Properties such as Shopping Centers each offer their own unique requirements. Properly planning out the projects while minimizing the impact on residents and customers is a key factor in our approach to managing your property maintenance and cleaning.

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Road Construction Cleanup Services

A clean road surface is key to a successfully concluded construction or roadway project, left behind debris can create a wide variety of complaints and potential damages. Aqua Hot Wash can help you avoid complications with our specialized street sweepers and experienced cleanup crews.

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Seal Coating Preparation Services

Sealing your driveway, road surface, or parking lot is a simple and cost effective way to reduce your overall property maintenance cost. Our team has extensive experience in thoroughly cleaning your surfaces from various pollutants and debris, ensuring a successful and durable surface seal.

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Street Sweeping Services

Sweeping parking garages, strip mall parking lots, construction sites, sub divisions, and more can be a tedious process. Aqua Hot Wash can make the overall experience quite simple with their Powered Sweeper & Vacuum Trucks as well as ride on Sweepers and Scrubbers.

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Subdivision Cleanup Services

Maintaining your subdivision’s roads, sidewalks, common areas and signage can be a substantial undertaking. Aqua Hot Wash offers a wide variety of services to assist and perform these maintenance tasks with consideration to residents and your day to day events.

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Fire Restoration Services

Forest fires as well as structural fires can be daunting when it comes to the following cleanup and restoration of your property. Retardant and soot can be difficult to remove from surfaces and requires an educated and skilled approach to ensure no further damage is caused to your property. Our teams have vast experience in these matters, contact Aqua Hot Wash to discuss your restoration project.

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